Campaign presentation

What is MoMo Win Campaign?

MoMo Win Campaign, offers its subscribers the possibility to be reimbursed in cash for their payments done at MoMo merchant points and merchant points of other operators.

How does it work?

From 7am to 9pm, the first MTN MoMo subscriber to do a payment via MoMo of at least 1000 XAF every 5 minutes will be 100% refunded up to 25,000 XAF. It should be noted that customers do not win by lottery: the first to do a payment every 5 minutes wins cash in the specified time slot.

What are the eligibility criteria for the promotion?

  • Have an active MTN MoMo account
  • Do a payment via MTN MoMo of at least 1000 XAF
  • Do a payment on MoMo App and stand a chance to win a 250,000 XAF voucher every week

How long is the campaign?

The campaign will start on June 21 and end on August 25, 2022.

Which payment types are eligible?

  • Eneo, Canal+ and MTN bills on *126# option 2 or via MTN MoMo App
  • Mobile Taxes on *126# option 2 or via MTN MoMo App
  • Insurance premiums at Activa, SUNU, Prudential Beneficial. *126# option 2
  • Social security contributions to CNPS.
  • payments at more than 200,000 active merchant points such as supermarkets, HORECA via *126*4*Merchant Code*Amount#.
  • Payments at other Operators merchant points (Orange Money, CBC, Express union, BICEC, CCA, Yup, UBC, La Regionale, and Afriland First Bank) *126# option 4 then 2
  • Tuition and examination fees in public high schools and colleges on *126*007#
  • Academic fees in the universities of Buea, Yaounde I, Bamenda, Dschang, Maroua and Ngaoundere.

Parole aux Winners