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MoMo Back To School


How does it work?

MoMo Back to School promotion consists of offering MoMo subscribers the opportunity to win a scholarship for payments or cash withdrawals of a minimum amount of 5,000F made on their MoMo account.

It will run from August 26 to September 24, 2022.

300 scholarships of 100,000F to be won.

That is 10 scholarships of 100,000F to be won every day

To win, you must make a payment of at least 5000F or withdraw at least 5000F from your MoMo account.

Subscribers with an active MTN MoMo account

Bookshops, supermarkets, taxicabs, schools, the local MoMo payment accepting shops.

Each winner will receive his prize in the form of cash, directly on his MoMo account. The winner will be contacted by the relevant departments and will receive his or her prize the next day or the following Monday if he or she won over the weekend.

All winners are notified by SMS and calls via 8787 with details on the prize they’ve won.

  • Cash Withdrawal from your MoMo account
  • Tuition and examination fees in public and private high schools and colleges on *126*007#. As well as university fees.
  • Payment of bills, taxes and other services: ENEO, Canal+, mobile taxes, CNPS, insurance, on *126# option 2 or MTN MoMo App
  • Payments in more than 200,000 points of sale such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and cafes, on *126*4*Merchant Code*Amount#.
  • Payments at points of other operators (Orange Money, CBC, Express union, etc.) *126# option 4 then 2

The Winners speak

Parole aux Winners